Blawan Begs the Question “is it Techno?” in Woke Up Right Handed EP – Selector

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Much contention has ensued over whether a given piece of music truly constitutes techno. For those that recognize the genre less as a BPM range and more as an adventurous sound philosophy, Blawan‘s Woke Up Right Handed EP more than meets the mark. It released in digital and vinyl record format on November 12th.

With swing uncommon to the techno genre, tracks like “Blika” and “Close The Cycle” exhibit an experimental approach to a familiar exploration of texture. “Under Belly,” the arguable standout of the EP, barely remains anchored to the rest of the EP’s sensibility. Driven by an impish and carnival-esque melody, it utilizes inventive production techniques for a highly inventive take on dance music.

Blawan (real name Jamie Roberts) started out in music as a drummer, which perhaps influenced the novel rhythms in the Woke Up Right Handed EP. Prior to his current project, the British DJ and producer also worked under the monikers Kilner and Bored Young Adults. In addition to releasing via his own label, TERNESC, he has also landed on the likes of R&S RecordsHessle Audio and Avian.

Stream or download the Woke Up Right Handed EP across platforms here.


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