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Do you ever see those memes that say something like if Austin Powers happened today, he’d go back to 1991? Yeah, sometimes you get reminded you’re old, but in a good way! That’s how I feel listening to Reinier Zonneveld’s remix of Ferry Corsten’s 2002 classic, “Punk.” Whether you’re an old school raver or a new one, you probably recognize the synth chords from Ferry’s first release under his own name. Now the track gets a modern techno update from one of the genre’s hottest artists.

As I mentioned, the synth chords are definitely the iconic part of the track, and amazingly, Zonneveld keeps that part of the tune intact. All of the rest of the remix is distinctly Zonneveld’s. From the pounding and progressive percussion in the background, the droning synths, and heavy-hitting bassline, this track is made for the after-hours. Here’s what each artist had to say about this official remix.

“It’s great to see that this track is still rocking it in whatever form you shape it. Reinier gave it his signature techno makeover and it rocks any floor you throw it at. I’m very happy with what he has done.” – FC

“It’s a big honor that Ferry Corsten asked me to remix ‘Punk.’ I’ve been playing this remix in my live sets for the past couple of months and it has been a guaranteed dance floor bomb. I’m super excited that it is finally out there!” – RZ

Check out Reinier Zonneveld’s remix of Ferry Corsten’s “Punk” out now on Flashover/Armada. Check out the video of the original to get an idea of how far dance music has progressed over the past two decades. It was a different world back then!

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