From techno fundamental to foodie to no insider info fund managers: Check types of fund managers – CNBCTV18

Techno Fundamental FM:

I agree with your structural fundamental story — charts are also showing accumulation and break out.

Pseudo Long term FM: This is a structural story that will play out. Yeh quarter number kya lagta hai.

Corp Governance conscious FM: We will not buy zee stock as it was linked to KP. Can you however get me Zee Cine awards Tickets? My wife would like to attend.

No Insider info FM: Our Fund house has a strict policy against sharing insider info. Please take down my non-official mobile number. Drop me a message, if you hear anything.

Travel Enthusiast FM: We have invested in Motherson Sumi. They have set up 41 new plants in 16 countries. I have visited 14 of their plants. Mexico trip was amazing.

Foodie FM: Can we have the mgmt meeting at “Masala library “. Heard they have introduced a new express menu.

Ground research FM: Did you check with watchman if MD comes on time to office? How many cars does CEO use?

Butterfly Effect FM: Can you incorporate sensitivity of raw material cost, currency, sales decline, interest rate change on your DCF? Can you incorporate demonetization impact also?

DCF geek FM: WE only believe in DCF. Your WACC is too low. Your terminal Growth rate is too high? What is the Market implied growth rate factored in? You have to have 20-year DCF, please.

Pseudo Accounting nerd FM: Did you check the company’s payment to directors? Why is paying so much to auditors? Why is CEO salary so much? Do they have a plane? Who uses it?

Celebrity crazy FM: Get me meeting with Ekta or Jitendra (Balaji telefilms), Will Dhoni be present in India cements analyst meet?

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(Edited by : Ajay Vaishnav)


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