SME Department’s best technological project competition ”Techno Libya 2022” launched | – Libya Herald

By Sami Zaptia.

Libya’s SME Department / Libya Enterprise yesterday launched its Techno Libya 2022 competition (The SME Department).

London, 10 January 2022:

The Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Department (Libya Enterprise) of Libya’s Ministry of Economy and Trade launched yesterday its third ‘‘Techno Libya 2022’’ competition for the best technological project.

The SME Department said this competition comes within its framework of spreading the culture of leadership and initiative.

First prize: LD 30,000

Second prize: LD 20,000

Third prize: 10,000

There are also seven consolation prizes and opportunities to incubate projects in an international incubator, and 60 training opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship.

The deadline for receiving entries is 15/2/2022.


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