ROUNDHØUSE Melts House & Techno Subgenres Together with “Need To Be” – This Song is Sick

Coming from across the pond, we have producer ROUNDHØUSE’s new bouncy and blissful single “Need To Be.” The song premiered on BBC Scotland over the weekend, and it’s a lovely, dynamic track that cycles between house music and breakbeats. ROUNDHØUSE is known for his blend of retro styles, and this release is perfectly curated to fit the bill.

“Need To Be” is more on the minimal side, but it doesn’t lack a thing. The production is masterful, with shimmering synths and sections of light piano, the keys seeming to hit at the most delicate moments. ROUNDHØUSE adds some hi-hats to give it that extra groove and a sweet feminine vocal to seal the deal. 

You can listen to the song below. Enjoy!



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